Movvo moves beyond movement intelligence to bring retail real estate omnichannel insight for the first time.

At Expo Real 2016, behavioural analytics & shopper engagement specialists Movvo launched their Internet of Things machine learning platform, designed to snap together intelligence from location, demographic, sales, and research sources, delivered with enhanced predictive technology via a simple, intuitive interface, driving greater value for owners and operators of retail real estate from every asset and every visit. 

By incorporating a shopping centre’s existing infrastructure & business data with behaviour and demographic data, our client Movvo platform blends far more diverse and complex elements than just footfall to analyse customer behaviour. Using their own proprietary sensory technology, as well as information from various additional sources either already owned by the customer or provided by third parties, Movvo translates assembled data into a personalised and highly visual insight dashboard, adding value to leasing, asset management, operations and marketing teams. Movvo’s proprietary algorithms makes sense of shopper movements, plus data streams such as payment data, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and social media streams, to deliver easy to consume intelligence in a single highly visual environment. This makes data-driven decisions a reality for owners, operators and retailers; enabling them to work their assets harder, deliver better shopper experiences and drive greater value from every visit.

Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe, CEO of Movvo, said: “Driving maximum value out of shopping centre assets in the new digital landscape is a bigger challenge than it has ever been. The prizes for getting it right are huge, but the penalty for mistakes can be fatal. We all know that there are no simple answers. The online guys such as Amazon have been able to understand & predict customer behaviour from search to purchase for decades now.  To keep up with that, shopping centre insight need to evolve. We have to better understand not just whether someone visits a shopping centre, but why. At Movvo we recognise the complexities of retail real estate and so have built a solution to the problem of understanding shopper behaviour and acting upon it.”

At Expo Real, Cyrus was speaking on the importance of technology and data for the Real Estate Industry as part of the Property EU Investment Briefing series which took place on the International Networking Lounge, A2.232. The ‘EXPO Real: Data, Technology, Information & Innovation – the next 10 years’ panel discussion took place on Tuesday 4 October, from 16:45 – 17:30.