Future of sustainability and reporting

GRI have recently published a report exploring future trends in sustainability and corporate reporting and disclosure. "Sustainability and Reporting Trends in 2025: Preparing for the Future”, examines the key topics for decision makers to consider in the next decade in order to transition to a sustainable economy.

Several trends that have been revealed include:

• Companies will be held accountable more than ever before.

• Business decision makers will take sustainability issues into account more profoundly.

• Technology will enable companies and stakeholders to access, collate, check, analyse and correlate data.

Whether it be one month or 10 years ensure that you prepare your next steps for future reporting cycles.

Lodestar welcomes the recent changes within GRI with their new Vision and Mission statements expressing that it is the processes the GRI Framework provides that adds great value to organisations. Through our consultancy work and training, we have always identified that there is a lot of value derived from the GRI Framework that develops robust structure for organisations to make efficiencies and savings.