Stakeholder Engagement

We can help you get to know, understand and connect with the stakeholders who influence your business activities – for far-reaching impact.

What we can do for you

  • Stakeholder strategy
  • Stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping – research and map agendas, issues, relationship status
  • Communication and engagement plans
  • Consultation workshops, focus groups and perception studies
  • Stakeholder events from discursive dinners to policy forums
  • Stakeholder consultation workshops

Whether you're involved in a contentious construction or infrastructure project, seeking to shape policy, or want to develop your business's sustainability strategy and plan. Identifying the influencers and decision-makers, and understanding their agendas and concerns can be fundamental to your success.

Through a programme of stakeholder engagement we can help you secure support for new projects, develop appropriate policy, get products to market quicker or build a more secure sustainable business that saves you time and money, and minimises risk. 

Stakeholder maps and engagement plans? 

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