Committed energy

We used to tell people that we were a strategic marketing and communications consultancy. But that didn’t even tell half the story.

It’s true, we still help corporate and public sector clients, charities and associations find strategic direction, improve business performance and develop new opportunities. Today, though, our work is defined as much by our people, our skills and experience as it is by a mission statement.

We’re experienced and knowledgeable, but also inquisitive and collaborative. We don’t just deliver what’s expected; we look at things differently and lead the debate.

We do so with the type of committed energy that helps us sustain long-standing relationships with existing clients and form successful relationships with new ones.

And because we can – and more importantly because we want to – we also give time back each year to charities and causes we believe in.

  • “Communication, focus and a high quality partnership approach set Lodestar apart from others in this industry.”

    Jonathan Guthrie, City of Edinburgh Council


  • “We have been continually impressed with the knowledge and dedication of their team”


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