Partnership Development

Partnerships are key to delivering successful projects and extending the reach of your organisation. We can help you develop sustainable partnership approaches to achieve this. 

What we can do for you

  • Identify partnership programmes and sponsorship opportunities to develop your brand profile and key relationships
  • Develop partnership programmes to secure support from others to fund future activity programmes
  • Develop sponsorship packages and benefits for you to offer
  • Identify organisations and companies to approach to support your projects
  • Stakeholder strategy, mapping and communication or engagement plans
  • Create and deliver appropriate engagement activity for partnership working – from consultative workshops, discursive dinners to policy forums
  • We currently have partnership opportunities available in the retail and utilities sectors - get in touch if you're looking to develop your business in these areas


We have worked extensively to secure and develop effective partnership programmes for organisations and for businesses.

For industry bodies this has enabled them to create new income streams and long-lasting relationships to support and add breadth to their activity programmes. This has totalled over £3.5m in support over the last 10 years alone.

For businesses, developing a strategic approach to leveraging partnership programmes and effective sponsorship helps build your business profile whilst developing key relationships, fundamental to growing your business. We have worked with businesses across the UK and Europe to achieve this, including Aareal Bank, Accenture,  Deloitte, IBM, BT, MWH, Microsoft, FM Global, Infosys and Eversheds. 

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